At Airbus, the signs point to more profit

Released on 28.10. 2021

  • After the first nine months of the year, Airbus recorded an adjusted operating profit of almost 3.4 billion euros across the group. Photo: Ben Birchall

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Tensions in the supply chains and sales difficulties due to the pandemic are making life difficult for aircraft manufacturers. Nevertheless, the manufacturer Airbus can announce good news to its investors. 2023

Toulouse (dpa) – The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is more optimistic after surprisingly good deals in the summer. The company raised its forecast again on Thursday.

Adjusted for one-off effects, operating earnings before interest and taxes are expected to reach around 4.5 billion euros – half a billion more than announced in the summer . Like many other companies, the manufacturer feels tensions in its supply chains. Nevertheless, CEO Guillaume Faury was confident of delivering around 600 commercial aircraft this year as planned. The news was well received on the stock exchange: Airbus shares rose in the morning.

Although Airbus achieved 10, 5 billion euros six percent less sales than in the summer, which was already characterized by pandemics 2020. The adjusted operating profit even fell by 10 percent to 666 million euros.

Nevertheless, it is available after the first nine months Group-wide adjusted operating profit of almost 3.4 billion euros to book. This means that 1.1 billion are still missing to reach the new target of 4.5 billion this year. The bottom line was that Airbus earned 2.6 billion euros in the months from January to September, after the group had fallen into the red a year earlier due to depreciation and provisions for the reduction of thousands of jobs with 2.7 billion euros.

Production increases planned

Now the manufacturer is preparing to increase its aircraft production, which it had throttled because of the Corona crisis. They are working «intensively on ensuring the right industrial capacities and the ability of the supply chain to deliver,» said Faury. While Airbus wants to deliver around 350 aircraft this year, it was 2019 still 863.

The planned production increases are primarily about the medium-haul jets from the A 320 – family including new edition A 320 neo. Their production should reach the record level of copies per month increase. During the crisis, Airbus only had around 28 jets of the A 320 – family built. In the case of the large long-haul jets, the recovery is progressing much more slowly, especially since air traffic on the intercontinental routes is still suffering severely from the pandemic-related restrictions.

While production of the established model series is still far from pre-crisis levels , the group is preparing a freight version of the A 350 to help its rival Boeing in this area To compete. The US group has been in a crisis for a long time: After the debacle over the medium-haul jet Boeing 737 Max are coming Manufacturers now have persistent problems with the long-haul jet 787 “Dreamliner” to be expensive. In the third quarter, Boeing fell back into the red.

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