Arbitration in construction has started

Released on 06.10. 2021

  • After arbitration talks in the construction industry, Robert Feiger, the IG-BAU chairman, presented the results at a press conference. Photo: Paul Zinken

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The collective bargaining dispute has been simmering in the construction industry for months, five rounds of negotiations have so far produced no result. Now an arbitration should resolve the conflict.

Berlin (dpa) – In the wage dispute for around 890. 000 Construction workers are now in an arbitration process. Both sides had started the talks on Wednesday morning, as the industrial union Agrar-Bauen-Umwelt (IG BAU) announced.

The President of the Federal Social Court, Rainer Schlegel, is the arbitrator. Until Friday, those involved initially gave themselves time to find a solution to the deadlocked dispute.

In order to emphasize their own demands, numerous employees gathered in Berlin and demonstrated after a protest march in front of the place of negotiation in Mitte. The federal chairman of IG BAU, Robert Feiger, once again announced in front of the participants that in the event of failure, industrial action would quickly begin.

«We estimate the risk of failure and the chances of success 50: 50 a », Feiger had emphasized before the arbitration. The head of the German Trade Union Federation, Reiner Hoffmann, also spoke at the event.

The crux of the negotiations is above all the union’s demand for so-called travel time compensation for construction workers. “The long journeys to and from the construction site for our employees are one of the crucial points,” Feiger said is paid in compensation. For distances of more than 100 kilometers, it should be up to two hourly wages. The topic already played a role in the previous collective bargaining round last year. At that time, Federal Social President Schlegel mediated in a conciliation process lasting several days and found a provisional solution to the question. Now the topic is back on the table.

In addition, the union is calling for 5.3 percent more wages and salaries as well as an east-west alignment of tariffs.

Before the arbitration, the employer referred to its own tariff offer with a volume of three percent. The negotiator Uwe Nostitz said on the travel time question: “The fact is that every employee is already compensating for trips to the construction sites annually together with the collective wage around 1000 receives a flat rate surcharge for travel times. »

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