Amazon: More coordination with authorities against product piracy

Released on 18. 10. 2021

  • Amazon has commented on the action against product piracy in a blog entry. Photo: Michel Spingler

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The sale of counterfeit products by dealers on the Amazon platform has long been a major problem. Now the US company wants to work more closely with authorities.

Seattle (dpa) – Amazon has encouraged broader cooperation between authorities and companies in the fight against product piracy.

Among other things, they are necessary Better border controls and tougher action against counterfeiters in the retail industry, emphasized the world’s largest online retailer in a blog entry.

Amazon named the as positive examples of previous cooperation Exchange with the US Border Protection Agency. In the autumn of last year, eight truckloads of articulated lorries with counterfeit radiator grilles with logos of well-known car brands were confiscated thanks to information from the retail group. In return, according to information from the American border authorities, Amazon was able to ban a provider of counterfeit earphone covers from its platform and sue. Overall, Amazon passes on a list of detected counterfeiters to the authorities every quarter.

The sale of counterfeit products by retailers on the Amazon platform has been a major problem for years. The group set up a group of around 18 experts such as former public prosecutors who investigate against counterfeiters worldwide .

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