Alitalia is over: Italy's new airline Ita is launched

Released on 15.10. 2021

  • It’s over for the airline Alitalia. Photo: Jack Guez

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To 74 Years are over for Italy’s airline Alitalia. The successor Ita will start on Friday. But turbulence could threaten the new airline.

Rome (dpa) – After the end for the traditional Italian airline Alitalia, the new Italia Trasporto Aereo (Ita) is now starting operations. At 6 10 o’clock, the first Ita machine took off from Milan Linate Airport in the direction of Bari.

The state-owned airline wants to 191 perform flights. 24 of which are national, 56 international. Frankfurt and Munich would also be served from Rome. “Born in 2021” (Born in 2021) – this “solemn” lettering is worn by one of the planes, as Ita was called by Ita.

Alitalia has been in crisis for years

The last Alitalia flight landed late on Thursday evening according to airport information at 23. 23 clock in Rome. The airline had been in a crisis for years. 2017 the state had to step in when the company went bankrupt. Hundreds of millions of euros in aid could not save the airline, which is considered symbolic for Italy.

The conditions for the establishment of Ita were agreed with the EU. It is considered the successor to Alitalia, but according to the EU Commission it is not its economic successor.

The new airline plans to start this year with 52 machines and a workforce of approximately 2800 Operate people. Tickets have been available on a provisional website since August. The company wants to focus on business and leisure customers.

In the coming years the fleet is to grow, so that Ita 2025 with 105 machines flies and up to 5700 people busy. At its hubs in Rome-Fiumicino and Milan-Linate, however, it had to surrender parts of the take-off and landing rights of the old Alitalia.

Criticism from the union

Some are critical of the start. The Cub Trasporti union wants to gather on Friday at the capital’s Fiumicino airport for a demonstration on the occasion of the Ita launch, as Cub secretary Antonio Amoroso told the foreign press in Rome on Thursday. The company’s plan has no perspective. It is unclear how Ita intends to use the aircraft it has bought without essential market shares. The union expects heavy economic losses in the next two years.

Alitalia has come under pressure in recent years from low-cost airlines in the Italian and European markets, as aviation expert Ugo Arrigo said in a presentation described. Ita faces the same problem. On the long-haul route, the airline is also weakly positioned with only seven instead of Alitalia 26 machines . Arrigo summed up that Alitalia is the Italian airline that no longer exists and Ita is the one that will no longer exist.

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