Alignment of East and West: Porsche cuts weekly working hours for the Leipzig plant

Released on 01.10. 2021

  • An employee polishes the paintwork of a Porsche Macan body in the paint shop at the Leipzig plant. Photo: Jan Woitas

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From 2025 the working time of employees in the east adapted to those of their colleagues in the west. 4300

The weekly working hours of the 35 employees at the Porsche plant in Leipzig will be reduced – to 35 hours per week from the year 2025. The company’s management and works council signed a corresponding agreement in principle, as Porsche announced on Friday. From 2022 the weekly working time should already be on 36, 5 hours can be reduced. At the moment it is 38 hours.

This is Porsche an “essential milestone” for the further harmonization of working conditions between East and West, it said. It was also agreed that operational dismissals for the core workforce until the end of July 2030 will be excluded. In addition, regulations on company pension schemes and special payments were found. According to Porsche, the basic agreement should be worked out in detail and converted into a works agreement.

Knut Lofski, Chairman of the Works Council of Leipzig GmbH, emphasized that the workforce has been working just as flexibly and productively as it is for many years in the West. This was followed by the adjustment of working hours and the safeguarding of the permanent workforce: “We are now on an equal footing in the Porsche family.”

In the past few months, the IG Metall union has repeatedly closed Strikes in the Saxon car plants called – one of the core demands was, among other things, the harmonization of working conditions in the East with western standards with the 35 – hour week.

The head of the IG-Metall district Berlin-Brandenburg-Saxony, Birgit Dietze, emphasized that for the harmonization of working conditions in East and West has been fought hard for decades. The employees of Porsche had clearly shown with five 01 – hour warning strikes how important it is to them to be treated equally in terms of working hours. “This negotiation result is future-oriented in terms of collective bargaining policy for the metal and electrical industry in East Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony.”

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