Airports expect crowds of tourists – but not chaos

Released on 16.10. 2021

  • Several airports in Germany are expecting another strong wave of travel this weekend. Photo: Monika Skolimowska

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Last weekend, at the beginning of the autumn vacation in Berlin and Brandenburg, there was chaos at the new capital city airport. For this weekend, the airports nationwide are prepared for the rush.

Berlin / Frankfurt (dpa) – Several airports in Germany are expecting another strong wave of travel this weekend.

Almost across the country, the federal police and airport operators have advised customers to arrive as early as possible Arrive at the start in order to be able to take care of the check-in and security checks. Two hours are considered a minimum because of the additional corona checks.

Hamburg and Hanover are particularly affected because the autumn holidays there are already ending or have just started. In the state capital of Lower Saxony, the federal police advise three hours in advance. People with little flight experience should familiarize themselves with the processes in advance, advises the Federal Police in Frankfurt, where a large crowd is also expected.

Confusion at BER

At the new capital Berlin-Brandenburg airport last Saturday at the beginning of the holiday, some chaotic scenes had played out: passengers stood in the wrong queues, could not get their luggage or even missed their connections because of the long waiting times.

Although this Friday with around 52. 000 passengers had expected an autumn record for the BER, the event was initially calm. “It is a normal travel day in the autumn holidays with a lot of activity in the terminal,” said an airport spokesman on Friday.

Staff increased

The airport operator has 40 additional forces on duty to ensure a stable process. Half of them are out and about in the terminal to support travelers with the check-in process. The other half help out when loading the luggage. Lufthansa has also increased its staff and the number of counters. For Saturday only around 52. 000 Passengers expected, a little less than a week ago.

Not all federal states are equally affected: While the holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia end again, in Bavaria they are only on 30. October before. Larger transfer activities for long-haul routes are not to be expected in Munich this weekend, said the airport spokesman there Ingo Anspach. But he is sure: “The holiday departures in Bavaria will still come.”

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