Airbus develops infrastructure for hydrogen planes

Released on 21.09. 2021

  • Airbus is looking for a way out of kerosene with liquid hydrogen. Photo: Mohssen Assanimoghaddam

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Flying with liquid hydrogen – that is the method with which Airbus wants to position itself for the future. 2030 should take off the first aircraft with this refueling.

Toulouse / Paris (dpa) – The aircraft manufacturer Airbus is pushing its efforts for more environmentally friendly flying with several partners.

Together with the gas manufacturer Air Liquide and the airport operator Vinci, Airbus wants to by the year 2030 develop the necessary infrastructure for refueling passenger aircraft with hydrogen, as the companies announced in Paris on Tuesday. The airport Lyon-Saint Exupéry, which is operated by Vinci, should make the beginning.

Airbus wants by the year 2035 bring a market-ready passenger aircraft with hydrogen propulsion onto the market. Then the necessary infrastructure must be in place to supply the machines in commercial operation with liquid hydrogen.

It should start next year

At Lyon airport, a hydrogen station for trucks and buses is to be built from year 2022. In the following years, the partners want to develop the infrastructure for refueling aircraft with liquid hydrogen. The construction of the technology from production to refueling is planned for the period after 2030. Until then, the partners also want to check whether they can build this infrastructure at the other Vinci airports in Europe.

Airbus is investigating to reduce the CO2 emissions of conventional, kerosene-powered aircraft with partners all flight phases for possible optimizations. As part of the Albatross project for efficient flying, an Airbus A 320 from Air France completed the first on Tuesday of around 1000 planned test flights. Airbus expects first results in the year 2022. Albatross partners include airlines such as Air France and Lufthansa, airports, air traffic control, technology providers and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

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