14,000 apartments sold in Berlin

Released on 27.09. 2021

  • Further rental apartments are being sold in Berlin. Photo: Wolfgang Kumm

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The Berlin housing market is highly competitive. At the end of the year there is another big transaction.

Berlin (dpa) – There is another major transaction on the Berlin housing market. The Heimstaden Group takes over 27. 000 Apartments from the real estate company Akelius, as both sides announced on Sunday evening.

More 3600 Heimstaden Akelius buys apartments in Hamburg. Heimstaden thus rises to become one of the larger private landlords in the capital. So far, the company owned good 5000 apartments in Berlin. The concrete takeover of the apartments is planned for the end of this year, with the full real estate transfer tax flowing. A purchase price was not mentioned.

Competitive housing market

The tense Berlin housing market is competitive. It was only in the middle of September that the State of Berlin announced that it would offer Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen 14. 750 To buy apartments for almost 2.5 billion euros. Vonovia wants to take over Deutsche Wohnen as the largest private landlord in the capital. A majority of Berliners voted in a referendum on Sunday in favor of companies with more than 3000 apartments for compensation expropriate.

Heimstaden is mainly active in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. In Germany the company owns 7300 apartments. “We are aware of the great responsibility that this growth step entails,” said Germany boss Caroline Oelmann. She announced a ┬źtenant-friendly┬╗ construction of new apartments on the Akelius sites.

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